BPAM is the global market standard for daily, end-of-day evaluated prices covering all Malaysian Ringgit Bonds and Sukuk. We quantify market realities combining in-depth market knowledge and globally recognised valuation methodologies.

Our evaluated prices provide the ideal solution in the relentless pursuit for high quality independent data to support trading, risk management and accounting processes.


As an accredited Bond Pricing Agency since 2006, we are governed by the strict guidelines of the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

Click here for the Malaysia BPA guidelines.


Our pricing methodology is clearly disclosed and communicated to clients. Price challenges are handled directly by our pricing analysts, guaranteeing a rapid and comprehensive response.


Our evaluated prices are used by over 140 clients around the world comprising asset managers, banks, unit trusts, insurers, statutory bodies, fund administrators, custodians and regulators.


More than 3700 ISIN. Securities priced include government, quasi-government, rated and unrated corporate bonds and sukuk as well as commercial papers.


Delivery via BondStream Terminal and SFTP. Globally available via our international partners Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), LSEG and FactSet Research Systems.


Our evaluated prices support the industry to meet ever tighter regulatory reporting needs.

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For further information or any demonstration request , please contact us at +603 2772 0888 or drop us a line at enquiries@bpam.com.my


Our comprehensive database of Fixed Income securities and financial market data have been methodically compiled, aggregated and validated from an extensive range of sources.

Instantaneously gather market intelligence from a wealth of reference data whether at origination point or secondary market level.

Utilise our comprehensive database to help improve decision making, risk management processes and operational efficiency.


Stringent checks and verification processes on consolidated data from trusted sources including issuers, arrangers, government agencies and authoritative sources ensures the accuracy of our data.


Our reference data consists of terms and conditions, credit ratings, new issuance information, yield curves, issuer financial information, trading activity, corporate actions and Financial Market statistics.


For bulk feeds, we can develop customized extractions to client specific requirements and deliver via SFTP.


Access our entire database through our BondStream Terminal - designed to be the perfect enterprise solution platform for the Malaysian Fixed Income Market.


Warehousing of data from year 2000.


Available 24/7 and accessible globally.

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For further information or any demonstration request , please contact us at +603 2772 0888 or drop us a line at enquiries@bpam.com.my


In the pursuit to meet the ever-developing needs of investors for reliable benchmarks, BPAM is constantly expanding its indices coverage for the Malaysian Fixed Income Market.

BPAM's range of indices include the 1) FTSE BPAM Bond and Sukuk Indices, 2) BPAM ESG Bond Index, 3) BPAM Unrated Bond Index, 4) BPAM All Universe Bond Index, 5) BPAM Sectorial Index and 6) BPAM All Universe with Callable Bond Index.

Through BPAM's established methodology, these indices are the standard to measure the performance of the Ringgit bond market and widely used by the buy side globally.

With our extensive local market knowledge and index expertise, we can also offer customised benchmarks based on client's requirements.


Choose from a variety of index families with over 500 sub-indices, providing broad and granular views of the market.


The indices are calculated using our evaluated prices and according to the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) rules for bond indices.


We also provide index customization services to enable clients to design a benchmark to meet their specific needs.


Easily accessible via BondStream Terminal, LSEG, FactSet Research Systems, RIMES Technologies Corp. and MSCI Inc.

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►  BPAM ESG Bond Index Series

►  BPAM Unrated Bond Index Series

►  BPAM All Universe Bond Index Series

►  BPAM Sectorial Bond Index Series

►  BPAM All Universe with Callable Bond Index Series

►  Customized Bond Index

►  BPAM User Generated Index

For further information or any demonstration request , please contact us at +603 2772 0888 or drop us a line at enquiries@bpam.com.my


In a fluid and complex financial market, making well-informed decisions is only possible if one possesses intimate knowledge of the market. Deciphering the true nature of the market from voluminous data allows for decisions to be made that can make or break a trade.

BPAM generates numerous analytics on trades, prices, liquidity, issuances and implied ratings.

Our suite of analytics services analyse, assess and decipher complex market conditions to help minimize risks and costs, maximize profits and identify hidden investment opportunities.


BPAM has accumulated years of experience and intimate knowledge of the local market convention and practices.


Market leading solutions such as transparency tools, issuer yield curves, spread analytics and implied ratings for all MYR Bonds and Sukuk.


Powerful tools in BondStream allow cross analysis between macroeconomic factors and Fixed Income Market behaviour. Unlock hidden value and avoid potential risks.

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For further information or any demonstration request , please contact us at +603 2772 0888 or drop us a line at enquiries@bpam.com.my