ESG, an acronym for environmental, social and governance, is a generic term used in capital markets to characterise a socially responsible investment (SRI). Over the years, the practice of ESG investing has begun to take on a more important role in capital markets leading to a rise in impact conscious investors.

Bond Pricing Agency Malaysia Sdn Bhd classifies ESG bond and sukuk for:
1) Bonds and sukuk which were issued under the SRI Sukuk framework issued by the Securities Commission of Malaysia;
2) Bonds and sukuk for which their proceeds are used for purposes that are in line with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG);
3) Bonds and sukuk that adopt the ASEAN Green Bond Standards, ASEAN Social Bond Standards or ASEAN Sustainability Bond Standards.
4) Bonds and sukuk that adopt the ICMA Green Bond Principles, ICMA Social Bond Principles, ICMA Sustainability Bond Guidelines and ICMA
    Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles.

BPAM provides bond specifications data for ESG bond and sukuk, ESG index and research about ESG issuances.

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