27 June, 2024

Following our annual tradition, BPAM was delighted again to host the BPAM Client Briefing 2024 at St. Giles Boulevard Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on the 27 June 2024.

Covering a wide range of topics such as market commentaries, defaults and ratings, the new BPAM EKO Taxonomy Platform and a general update on BPAM activities, our aim was to inform and equip the Malaysian fixed income space with the relevant information and tools to make informed investment decisions.

Our Market and Economics Expert, Kevin Teh, alongside our special guest speaker, Dr. Siwat Nakmai from Macrobond Financial AB, discussed pertinent topics related to the US and global economy. This was followed by Ms. Noor Bazlina Sharifmuddin, who introduced an index that tracks ratings and the probability of survival from default in the Malaysian corporate sector, demonstrating how credit movement is impacted during crises and whether it aligns with expectations. Mr. Mohammad Izzad unveiled BPAM’s new Sustainable Taxonomy Platform – EKO, which will streamline investment screening and reporting. The event concluded with Ms. Haza Rina Borhan providing an overview of BPAM’s latest updates for 2024.

With over 120 participants from across the Malaysian fixed income market, we had a wonderful time reconnecting with our clients and partners. There is still more to come from BPAM this year, so watch this space!